Wifi repeater price in Bangladesh

বাংলাদেশে ওয়াইফাই রিপিটারের দাম

What is a wifi repeater? A wifi repeater is a device that amplifies the signals of wireless networks, making them more accessible to devices that are far away from the original access point. By doing so, you can extend the reach of your network and make it easier for people to connect to the internet. Wifi repeater is the most useful in the wifi network in these days. Today, we’re going to publish Wifi repeater price in Bangladesh.

There are many different types of wifi repeaters on the market, but all of them work essentially the same way. First, they extract signals from the original access point and amplify them. They then broadcast these amplified signals out to nearby devices. This allows you to extend your network’s reach without having to install new hardware or wire anything up yourself.

Wifi repeaters are an important tool for anyone who wants to improve their internet connection quality. They can be used in homes, small businesses, and even portable offices.

Why Wifi repeater is getting popular in these days

Wifi repeaters are getting popular these days because they provide a way to extend the reach of an existing wifi signal. They can also be used to boost an individual’s internet connection in areas where there is a weak signal. Additionally, wifi repeaters can be used to extend the range of a wifi network.

In these modern days, people are utilizing wifi more than ever. This is because it is very convenient and fast. But there are some places where wifi signal is not that strong, or the coverage is not that good. In such cases, a wifi repeater can be of great help. A wifi repeater amplifies the weak wifi signal and makes it available to more people. This makes it possible to connect to the internet even in places where there is no existing wifi network.

Apart from being helpful in general, wifi repeaters have another benefit- they can be used as security devices. By boosting the signal of a particular network, you can make sure that your home or office is always accessible from anywhere in the world. All you need is an ethernet cable and a compatible router.

Features and benefits of Wifi repeater

In today’s technological world, having a strong and reliable wifi connection is more important than ever. One way to ensure that you always have a strong signal is by using a wifi repeater. These devices amplify the weak signals coming from your router and allow you to connect to the internet at a much greater range than if you were using your own router.

There are many different benefits to using a wifi repeater, including:

1) Increased Range – A wifi repeater allows you to connect at a much greater range than if you were using your own router. This can be beneficial if you live in an area where the signal from your router is not very strong.

2) Increased Security – Using a wifi repeater can increase your security online because it will create an extra layer of protection against hackers.

Wifi repeater price in Bangladesh – Today November 24, 2022

Dlink DAP-1325 300Mbps WiFi Range Extender1,350৳
Mikrotik cAP XL ac Dual Band Ceiling & Wall Mounting Access point/Repeater Router9,100৳
TP-Link Deco E4 (Single pack) Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System AC1200 Dual-band Router3,890৳
Mercusys MW300RE 300Mbps Wi-Fi Range Extender1,319৳

When it comes to choosing a wifi repeater, price is always a consideration. But which one is the cheapest? Here are three repeaters that we found to be the cheapest on the market.

The first repeater is the Netgear Nighthawk X4S Wifi Range Extender, which retails for just $59.99. This device can extend your wifi coverage up to 600 square feet, and features two antennas for better range.

The second repeater is the Securifi Almond 3-Year Warranty WiFi Repeater, which retails for only $49.99. This device has a built-in amplifier and can boost your wifi signal up to 300 square feet. Plus, it comes with a three-year warranty.

বাংলাদেশে ওয়াইফাই রিপিটারের দাম

ওয়াইফাই রিপিটার বেছে নেওয়ার ক্ষেত্রে, দাম সবসময় বিবেচনা করা হয়। কিন্তু কোনটি সবচেয়ে সস্তা? এখানে তিনটি রিপিটার রয়েছে যা আমরা বাজারে সবচেয়ে সস্তা বলে মনে করেছি।

প্রথম রিপিটার হল Netgear Nighthawk X4S ওয়াইফাই রেঞ্জ এক্সটেন্ডার, যা খুচরো মাত্র $59.99। এই ডিভাইসটি আপনার ওয়াইফাই কভারেজকে 600 বর্গফুট পর্যন্ত প্রসারিত করতে পারে এবং আরও ভালো পরিসরের জন্য দুটি অ্যান্টেনা রয়েছে৷

দ্বিতীয় রিপিটার হল Securifi Almond 3-বছরের ওয়ারেন্টি ওয়াইফাই রিপিটার, যা মাত্র $49.99-এ খুচরো। এই ডিভাইসটিতে একটি বিল্ট-ইন অ্যামপ্লিফায়ার রয়েছে এবং এটি আপনার ওয়াইফাই সিগন্যালকে 300 বর্গফুট পর্যন্ত বাড়িয়ে দিতে পারে। এছাড়াও, এটি তিন বছরের ওয়ারেন্টি সহ আসে।

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