Login IPEMIS DPE Gov BD ই-প্রাইমারী স্কুল সিস্টেম (ipmis.dpe.gov.bd)


Login IPEMIS DPE Gov BD Is the Government’s Official website for all the Primary schools of Bangladesh. The Teacher is the main source of this website. They can easily work with this website which is their workload in paperwork decreased. this is very good news for all the Primary Teachers. well in this post we will learn how to log in to this website and how to work with other features. So down below, you can get all the needed information. we show you how to log in to this website and how to work on this website.

Primary Education Management Information System

IPMIS fully means Integrated Primary Education Management Information System. It is considered a work of Primary Education management. On this website, all the teacher provide their information and also their student’s information. Every teacher of primary has access to their school information. The ipemis.dpe.gov.bd website is designed to help the govt officials to access all the kinds of needed information for their requirements.

IPMIS DPE Gov BD Primary Education Management Information System

The government of Bangladesh has established many official websites which help the government. Workers in this country need to be more productive in their work and manage everything better. ipemis.dpe.gov.bd is a great example of such a website, and it saves a primary school teacher a lot of time and effort. With the digitization of many systems, you should take advantage of this amazing website. It will help you to manage your work more efficiently and give the best performance in your workplace.

IPEMIS Access system 2022

on this website you have to access through username and password. Once you create account on this website you don’t have to do anything with this for log in. all you have to do is just remember your user id and password. This is what is their access system. You can use your mobile number or e-mail address provided in the system as a username. Enter 6 zeros (000000) as the password first to enter the system or activate your user. During onboarding or activation, you can set a password of your choice in the system, which will later be considered your permanent password.

Login To ipemis.dpe.gov.bd

To avail of the facility of the IPEMIS DPE Gov BD website, you need to log in there first. Fortunately, the process of logging in is very simple and only takes a few minutes. Below, let’s see a simple step-by-step process on how to log in.

  • First, open a web browser and go to login.ipemis.dpe.gov.bd
  • You should be on the login page of your website. You need to enter your phone number or email address in the required empty box.
  • Then fill the next empty box with your password. Make sure you do it right.
  • Once you have done this, you can press the sign-in button below and you will be logged into the website.
  • Now, you can access to your profile and use all the working features without any complications.

How to change the password in IPEMIS DPE Gov BD

  • After sign-in to the system,
  • Your name and title are shown in the upper right corner.
  • You just have to Clicking on your name will bring you a drop-down menu.
  • You can now set a new password by clicking on the option of  ‘Change Password’ from the menu.
  • Then change your password

What to do if you forget the password?

Well many of us forget our password. so in that case there is still an option change the password and retrieve your account again. We will tell you how to do when we forget our password. On the sign-in page ‘Forgot password?’ Click on the link. Set a new password of your choice in the system by answering the security question you selected during onboarding. If you do not remember the correct answer to the security question, set a new password with the help of your supervisor.

E primary teacher as request of appeal- IPEMIS DPE Gov BD

Clicking on the login button will show the details of the teacher registered in the ‘E-Primary School System’ (Teacher’s Name, Permanent Address, Designation, Date of Joining, Date of Arrival on Transfer to Presently Working Institution, Approved Number of Posts in Working Institution, Number of Students) on the other hand of an teacher all the details of the information is correct, click on the button to proceed to the next step (if the information is incorrect, it must be updated from the e-primary system).

The next step/page is to specify the transfer type Type of transfer: Transfer application within the same Upazila/ police station or inter-district/ police station or inter-district transfer application or inter-departmental transfer application or city corporation transfer application. The type of transfer basically refers to where you want to transfer. In this case, the application can be made for transfer from one school to another within the same police station/Upazila, inter-police station/Upazila, inter-district, inter-division and city corporation. Finally, select Transfer Type: Submit Request, and the transfer request will appear on your profile.


I hope you can now learn all the information about how to Login IPEMIS DPE Gov BD website and what is their work in this website. So now you can do alone create account and log in through this website. Follow all the details so that you will not have to do any kind of mistakes. I hope this information will give you all the necessary information about this website.

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