Load Shedding Schedule Bangladesh 2022 (District, Zone wise time)

Load Shedding is a big problem in our country. The state minister of Power, Energy, and Mineral Resources Nasrul Hamid announced that countywide two hours load shedding will affect Bangladesh to reduce energy subsidies and tackle the power crisis. 

According to the state minister of Power announced, the Bangladesh government will decide area-wise load shedding will start from 18 July 2022. This hour-long load shedding will be effective for one week. If the power crisis will not be decreasing then the government will change the load shedding hours times. Nasrul Hamid also said that the hours’ time will also be increased according to the energy subsidy and gas conditions. 

Load Shedding 

At present, The gas price is very high in the international market. That’s why it’s not possible to buy gas from the international market. The Bangladesh government decided to save power by following some steps for this reason. The Bangladesh government announced The area wise load shedding all over Bangladesh. 

Production of all diesel-based power will be suspended temporarily. All of the government and non-government discussions will be held virtually and office time will be decreased. The petrol pump will also be closed for one day in a week.   

Load Shedding Schedule 

The State Minister of Power and Energy Nasrul Hamid said some steps for saving Electricity. All of the first ones are area-based load shedding for both Dhaka and other divisions. To implement this activity DPC released the Load Shedding Schedule for Dhaka 2022. If you are a resident of Dhaka then you must know the load shedding schedule for your area. Here we are providing the load shedding schedule 2022 only for Dhaka.  

Check Load Shedding Schedule in Dhaka 2022

All over the country both villages and cities faced load shedding problems In Bangladesh. People faced many problems with load shedding Before Eid. This condition comes to normal during Eid Ul Azha. But the Bangladesh government again faced a power and gas crisis. 

As a result, the power sector isn’t able to generate sufficient power for customers. On the other hand, gas prices are too high so it’s difficult to buy those amounts of gas from the international market. So, the Power and Energy sector minister decided to save power and gas by following different processes. 

check the load shedding schedule in your area 

According to the Power and Energy Minister Nasrul Hamid, load shedding will hit for 1-2 hours. This time will be increased according to the power supply condition. To save Electricity, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina requests all the people. So that the government will solve the power supply crisis. 

To reduce energy subsidy on 19 July load shedding will hit all the area. Dhaka Power Distribution Company Limited (DPDC) already published a possible load shedding schedule for Dhaka. You can check your area load shedding schedule from the DPDC official website.  

How to check & Download Load Shedding Schedule 

All over the country, load shedding will hit for two hours. To implement this plan today DPDC published a load shedding schedule. You can know the downloading process from here. Follow the instructions below. 

Step 1: Visit DPDC’s official website: www.dpdc.gov.bd 

Step 2: On the right navigation bar click on Load Shedding Schedule.

Step 3: The website will provide a new page.

Step 4: On the page, you can see all the area lists in Dhaka.

Step 5: Select your area and click on Download.

Area-wise load shedding schedule in Bangladesh 2022

All over the country area-wise load shedding has already started. To implement it DPDC published two schedules: first one is possible load shedding and the second one is the Emergency maintenance schedule. According to the DPDC schedule, they published a total of 20 area lists. You will check it from the DPDC website or also download the load shedding schedule PDF from this page.   


At present, Load Shedding is a biggest problem in Bangladesh. Because of the Load Shedding problem, The Bangladesh government announced Area wise load shedding all over Bangladesh. We tried to give you all the information about the Load Shedding schedule in this article.      

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