Kemei Trimmer Price in Bangladesh

বাংলাদেশে কেমেই ট্রিমারের দাম

Kemei Home & Garden has been manufacturing high quality outdoor power equipment since 1978. From their flagship product, the Kemei trimmer, to the C-Tech chainsaw, they have something for everyone. With a full line of residential and commercial power equipment, Kemei provides a reliable and cost effective option for anyone looking to upgrade their landscaping or construction tools. Kemei is the most popular trimmer available in Bangladesh. So, we’re going to publish kemei trimmer price in Bangladesh in this post.

Kemei is a brand that is known for its reliability and customer service. Whether you are a professional landscaper or just starting out, Kemei has the perfect tool for your needs. With products that range in price from around $100 to $5,000+, there is sure to be something for everyone at Kemei Home & Garden!

Why Kemei trimmer is the best in market

Kemi trimmers are the best in the market because they offer a high-quality product that is reliable and easy to use. The trimmers have a variety of features that make them unique, including a cutting head that is able to go through thick hair quickly and efficiently. They also have a detachable cord that makes it easy to store and carry around.

Kemei is a well-known brand when it comes to trimmers. They offer high-quality products that are affordable, and their trimmers are some of the best in the market. Here are some reasons why the Kemei trimmer is the best option for you:

1. The design is well-crafted. The body of the trimmer is made from durable plastic, and the motor is powerful enough to handle even thick hair.

2. The included accessories are great quality. Included with the trimmer is a guide line, which helps you to get precise cuts every time. There’s also a trimming comb, which makes it easy to tidy up any stray hairs after your haircut.

3. The price point is excellent.

Features and advantage of kemei trimmer

Kemei trimmers are designed to be easier to use and more efficient than other types of trimmers. They have a number of features and advantages that make them a good choice for users. Some of the features include an easy-to-use design, a short cutting length, and a wide range of adjustment options. The kemei trimmer also has an adjustable blade height, which makes it possible to customize the trimming experience for different types of materials.

The kemei trimmer is a versatile tool that is great for trimming hair and beard. It has many features and advantages that make it a great choice for those who are looking for a trimmer. First, the kemei trimmer is lightweight so you can easily handle it. Second, the kemei trimmer has a long cord so you can stay in reach of the hair or beard that you are trying to trim.

Third, the kemei trimmer has a sharp blade which makes it easy to cut through hair and beard. Fourth, the kemei trimmer has a safety guard which prevents accidental cuts. Finally, the kemei trimmer comes with a carrying case which makes it easy to take with you wherever you go.

Kemei Trimmer Price in Bangladesh – Today September 30, 2022

Kemei KM-9020 Hair Trimmer৳450
Kemei KM-600 Trimmer৳1,590
KEMEI KM-3909 Cordless Hairclipper Electric Men৳850
Kemei Km-809 A Rechargeable Electric Trimmer৳1,490

There are a number of factors to consider when shopping for a Kemei trimmer. The price, blade size and type of cutting head are just a few. Here is a look at the best Kemei trimmers on the market.

The Kemei K51005 10-inch straight edge trimming knife has an MSRP of $39.99 and is available online and in some retail stores. This trimming knife has a 10-inch blade with an angled cutting edge and can handle most types of fabrics. It also features a lock-off button for easy blade changing, a rugged construction for years of use, and a precision ground sharpener at the base of the blade for optimal performance.

Another great option is the Kemei K50110 12-inch straight edge trimming knife with an MSRP of $49.

বাংলাদেশে কেমেই ট্রিমারের দাম – Today September 30, 2022

কেমেই ট্রিমার কেনার সময় অনেকগুলি বিষয় বিবেচনা করতে হবে। দাম, ব্লেডের আকার এবং কাটা মাথার ধরন মাত্র কয়েকটি। এখানে বাজারের সেরা কেমেই ট্রিমারগুলি দেখুন৷

Kemei K51005 10-ইঞ্চি স্ট্রেইট এজ ট্রিমিং নাইফটির একটি MSRP $39.99 রয়েছে এবং এটি অনলাইনে এবং কিছু খুচরা দোকানে উপলব্ধ। এই ট্রিমিং ছুরিটিতে একটি 10-ইঞ্চি ব্লেড রয়েছে যার একটি কোণীয় কাটিং প্রান্ত রয়েছে এবং এটি বেশিরভাগ ধরণের কাপড় পরিচালনা করতে পারে। এটিতে সহজে ব্লেড পরিবর্তনের জন্য একটি লক-অফ বোতাম, বছরের পর বছর ব্যবহারের জন্য একটি শ্রমসাধ্য নির্মাণ এবং সর্বোত্তম কার্যক্ষমতার জন্য ব্লেডের গোড়ায় একটি নির্ভুল গ্রাউন্ড শার্পনার রয়েছে।

আরেকটি দুর্দান্ত বিকল্প হল Kemei K50110 12-ইঞ্চি স্ট্রেট এজ ট্রিমিং নাইফ যার MSRP $49।

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