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GST Admission Exam All Unit (A, B, C) Seat Plan and Admit Card 2022

The General Science and Technology (GST) admission notice has been published for this academic year. The GST admission circular will be published on the official website www.gstadmission.ac.bd. The initial application will start from June 2022 and it will end in July 2022. In this article we will explain the basic requirements of admission application, admission test dates, the total number of seats, and other related information as per the General Science and Technology (GST) admission notice 2022.  

General Science and Technology Admission Circular 2022 

20 public universities have agreed to take a combined admission test by following the admission system process in this academic year. Kishoregonj & Chadpur Science & Technology University and Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman University are also added to the queue this year. This combined admission system is known as General Science and Technology (GST). 

GST Admission Test Schedule

22 general and science and technology universities of the country have been brought forward by one month during the admission test this year. The GST admission test will start from July 30 in these universities. 

A Unit (Science )30 July 202212:00 PM – 1:00 PM
B Unit (Arts)13 August 202212:00 PM – 1:00 PM
C Unit  (Commerce)20 August 202212:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Science Group (Unit-A) Admission Requirement 2022

All students can apply for A unit who have passed from science in SSC and HSC. For this Unit minimum GPA-3.50 (including 4th Subject) is required for each examination. The total minimum GPA SSC and HSC should have 8.00 (including 4th Subject) in two examinations. This requirement is the same for Madrasha Board and Vocational HSC in science is granted.   

Humanities Group (Unit-B) Admission Requirement  2022

Who have passed Humanities groups both in SSC and HSC can apply for the B unit. The minimum GPA in each exam is 3.00 (including 4th Subject). The total minimum required GPA in both exams is 6.00 (including 4th Subject). Requirements for Home Economics and Madrasha board are the Same.  

Business Studies Group (Unit-C) Admission Requirement 202

All students can apply for the C unit who have passed from the Business Studies group.  Their minimum GPA requirement for this unit is 3.00 (including 4th Subject) and the total minimum GPA in SSC and HSC both exams is 6.00 (including 4th Subject). Diploma in Business Studies, Diploma in management, Diploma in commerce students can also apply here. 

Admission Test Marks Distribution

Only those who will be selected from among the initial applicants will be able to participate in the admission test. Each student must participate in the admission test at the designated center. Each unit will have an admission test of 100 marks. The admission test time will be 1-hour and pass mark 30.  

Unit A (Science)

Physics 25
 Total = 100

Note: Instead of Mathematics or Biology, 4 subjects have to be completed by taking an examination in either Bengali or English.

Unit B (Humanities)

General Knowledge30
 Total = 100

Unit C (Commerce)

Business Organization and Management35
 Total = 100

GST Seat Plan 2022 

The GST Seat Plan 2022 has been published by the author. All Students can check the seating plan by logging this portal with their SSC & HSC information. Be noted that from 30 July the GST admission test examination will be held. So if you also are an admitted candidate then you also should collect your seat plan Admit Card now from the GST admission official website. 

GST Admission Seat Plan Check

General, Science and Technology (GST) University Admission test date has already been fixed. However, as a candidate, you must know the seat plan. Let’s know how to check the seat plan. Follow the instructions below. 

  • First, visit www.gstadmission.ac.bd. 
  • Click on the Seat Plan Tab.
  • Put your Roll Number.
  • Answer the security key.
  • Finally, your exam seat will show in front of you. 

GST Online Application Procedure

The GST admission primary application will be started in April 2022. Students who fully fill their minimum educational requirement can apply for an online application.  The General Science and Technology Bunch system admission authority created an online application website named www.gstadmission.org.  

You can follow these instructions for your admission application submission. 

  1. First, you have to go to the General Science and Technology (GST) admission-related official website. www.gstadmission.org.
  2. After that on this website you will see the admission requirement.
  3. Now, click on the “Primary Application” button.
  4. Then you get the application form and fill-up this up with your academic information.
  5. Upload your image and signature.
  6. If everything is ok, click the “Submit” button.
  7. Before the final Check your all information again. 

GST Admit Card Download 2022 

The GST Admission Test Admit Card 2022 PDF can be Download from GST Admission System official website gst admission.ac.bd. The Admit Card Download will be Started from 7 July 2022 for A, B and C Units. Admission Test Date and Seat Plan will be mentioned on the Admit Card. 

Applicants will be allotted Center from the given preference list during the Final Application. Details Guidelines about Admission Test will also be published with the Admit Card. 

GST Admission Result 2022 

GST Admission Result 2022 has been published. GST Result is published on the admission website gstadmission.ac.bd. GST A, B and C Unit Result has been Published. The Result will also be informed to the Candidates via SMS. 

How to know the GST Admission Result

You can easily get your Result from the GST admission website. University Integrated Admission Test  A, B and C Unit Result has been published in the GST admission system website gstadmission.ac.bd. Follow the instructions below to check the GST result. 

  1. Visit the GST Admission System website gstadmission.ac.bd.
  2. Enter the Admission Test Result (Unit A, B & C) Option.
  3. Provide Application ID and Password. 
  4. Check the Details Result by clicking “Login” Option. 

Final application

The final application has to be made after publishing the GST Admission Primary Selection Result. Only eligible candidates can apply. The final application will start from September 1. The application will end on September 7. GST final application fee is Tk. 1200. Application fee can be paid through mobile banking.   


Here is the detailed information about the General Science and Technology (GST) Admission test. If you are a candidate for the GST Examination then you are in the right place. You can get all the information about this Exam. We hope this article will be helpful for you.   

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