NCTB Books of Class 9 & 10 PDF Download 2023 [Bangla & English Version]

Class Nine & Ten Book Download

Today I am going to share the NCTB Books of Class 9 & 10 PDF. NCTB stands for National Curriculum and Textbook Board, which manages the textbooks of the Bangladesh Board of Education. NCTB was established in 1954 and its main division is the Ministry of Education, Bangladesh. Class 9 and 10 are named SSC (Secondary School Certificate). SSC is 10th class education in Bangladesh and SSC is a 2-year program that is 9th and 10th class. Students join the 10th class SSC program after passing the 8th class or JSC.

You know, Class 9 and 10 are called SSC courses, and Class 9 and 10 textbooks are eligible. Make sure class 9 and 10 or SSC textbooks are the same. In this post, I am sharing NCTB books for Class 9, which are eligible for Class 9 and 10 or SSC.

Books for NCTB Class 9 and 10

There are English and Bengali versions but to find some download links make sure not all books have English versions. Bengali and English versions are the same. So now you can download ninth and tenth-grade textbooks. All ninth and tenth-grade books are pdf downloads. Please note that all books from Class Nine Ten readers are from NCTB.

NCTB Book 2022 for Class 9 and 10

Are you looking for Bangla version of NCTB book 9 class? Well, here are the PDF files of all your SSC NCTB textbooks. I know class 9 and class 10 are important between the two years of each student. Because it is the term of their secondary school certificate. NCTB ninth grade books are the most important for every student. Here are all your PDF and Bangla version books. I hope all your books, science, art and trade important books have helped you.

Let’s start with all PDF NCTB Book 10 class books. These books are provided free of cost to students of all schools in Bangladesh. To download the 9th & 10th grade textbook, first choose the subject of your choice that you want to download first. After clicking on the subject name, a new page will appear on your monitor instead of clicking on download. The subject will be downloaded automatically.

Download Class 9-10 PDF Textbook

Bangladesh NCTB Education Book which is also called NCTB Textbook PDF Edition. All the NCTB Books of Class 9 & 10 PDF are available here for PDF download.

You can download all PDF books, but you will need a PDF reader to read this book. When you are using a computer, you can use the EDGE browser. You can use other software such as Adobe PDF Reader or Foxit PDF Reader. You can use Adobe Reader or a mobile office application on your smartphone. Here you can download your favorite version of the PDF book.

Book Name Bangla Version English Version
Bangla Sahitto Download Download
Bangla sohopat Download Download
Bangla bhasar bakaron Download Download
English for today Download Download
Math Download Download
Caru o karu Download Download
ICT Download Download
Career Education Download Download
Rochona Somvar Download Download
Physics Download Download
Chemistry Download Download
Biology Download Download
Bangladesh Itihas Download Download
Vugul O poribesh Download Download
Economics Download Download
Krishi Shikkha Download Download
Gairhosto Download Download
Pouronity Download Download
Accounting Download Download
Finance and Banking Download Download
Bebosay Uddug Download Download
Islam Shikkha Download Download
Hindu dormo shikkha Download Download
Bouddo dormo shikkha Download Download
Christo dormo shikkha Download Download
Science Download Download
Bangladesh o bissho porichoy Download Download
Physical Education Download Download
Higher Math Download Download
English Grammer Download Download

Let us know if you have any problems downloading class 9-10th books. If you have any questions about the textbook, please comment below.

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